Recipe for Indian Month: Chicken Tikka

Good morning my little Brummies.  I hope you are enjoying the lovely warm autumn weekends. Drank enough Pumpkin spiced latte yet?

This month we are cooking Indian food.  That's me, teaching you. This is hilarious and terrifying for several reasons.  I am from a very small, very white town in Yorkshire.  I never had a curry till I was 21. I have never worked in an Indian restaurant, never been to India, and know very few Indians. Hell, I have never even been to Sparkhill. And you people have been brought up on Indian food.  So, let's take this slow.

We are starting with Chicken Tikka, because it is nice and simple. You need the following:

(prep time 4 hours minimum, just so you know)

  • Two chicken thighs per person
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Tikka Spices (available from all good supermarkets)
  • Rice
  • Coriander

Take a large, deep bowl and fill it with a pint and a half of fresh, natural yoghurt.  Not too thick.  Take a whisk and blend in half a packet of Tikka spices.  Add the chicken thighs and coat them well in the mix.  Cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least four hours.  Or even overnight, which really tenderizes the chicken and makes it taste awesome.

Preheat an oven at 180 degrees centigrade.  Take an oven dish, preferably with a lid.  Add your chicken, and a little of the mix.  Now sprinkle over this with some freshly chopped coriander, which goes so well with chicken.  Cover with the lid or metal foil, and bake in the oven at 140 degrees for 40 minutes.  Meanwhile boil a cup of rice on the stove until the rice is soft, then drain.  This usually takes under ten minutes.

When the chicken is cooked, place it in a dish and serve with rice on the side.  Top it off with a little of the yoghurt coating and chicken fat.  The latter with seep into the rice and enhance the flavour a little.

That's it.  Enjoy your supper!

Words & photos by chef Nick Gilmartin who can be contacted on @Nick1975 or find out more here.