If I Ruled The World ....... by Gemma Cordon

 The If I Ruled The World Trail

Ideal for: Bus nerds and budding thespians

Avoid if: you don't like sitting down or standing up for long prolonged periods

Bring // Youll need: wide eyes

Terrain: practically all of Birmingham!

The start: Backstage Tour - Birmingham REP Theatre

Culture is king in my world. See where all the magic happens on one of the REP Theatre's brilliantly immersive backstage tours. You get to feel the pressure of standing on stage, watch sets, costumes and props being made and who knows, you may even meet one of your favourite actors.

Broad Street, city centre. Website.

Selected Thursdays and Saturdays at 11.00am (lasts 90 mins). £6 or £4.50 concessions

The middle bit: Ride on the number 11 bus

Public transport is free - the perfect excuse to board what was until recently the longest urban bus route in Europe (Coventry stole that crown). The famous number 11 traverses the city's outer circle - that's 26 miles, 40 pubs and six hospitals. Phew! You can jump off at Cadbury World if the smell of all that chocolate gets too much.

For a full list of the route's 272 stops and for ticket prices visit the website

The end: West Midlands Police Museum

In a world ruled by me, British crime dramas are prescribed as medicine. There's nothing like a bit of Frost to provide a healthy distraction from the stress of real life. To get the old grey cells whirring you could visit the West Midlands Police Museum - it's curious and sometimes chilling collection that shows how policing has evolved, from the days of the watchman's lamp to modern-day forensics. Fascinating stuff.

Sparkhill Police Station, 639 Stratford Road. Website.

By appointment - for details call 08451135000 ext. 6243

Tips: Remember your Ps and Qs - in my world, rudeness is punishable by banishment. To Mars or somewhere. But hey, at least you could get there on a free bus.