Birmingham for Nature Lovers: Brookvale Park

When I arrived at Brookvale Park, the second inner city area of 'nature' for these articles, I realised that I'd driven past it a few times over the years.

Apparently, it is a former drinking reservoir, created to provide clean water to Birmingham residents - at the time, it was located in the countryside, so was ideal.  It has also been used as an open air swimming pool in the early part of the 19th century, so has had varied uses.

It has a very sizeable car park and there is one disabled space, before you actually get to the car park.  As parking is up a slope, this makes sense, so it's well thought out and very suitable for wheelchair users to enjoy. Whilst now surrounded by houses on both sides, the reservoir is huge, tree lined, and enjoys plenty of grass all the way around. 

There are also numerous benches, so plenty of space to sit and enjoy the wildlife.  Despite a main road running alongside Brookvale Park, I found it to be very peaceful, with the sounds of birds dominating my time there.

A few squirrels raced around playing chase (and tormenting my dog, as squirrels always seem inclined to do!).  There is a flat, wide pavement that runs the full circuit of the lake, and a bridge that passes over the water at the far end, where you cross over the brook that feeds the lake.

There are tennis courts, and a children's play area there, so something for everyone!

As for access, aside from parking, it can be accessed by the number 11 bus passes the far end of the park on Marsh Lane (A4040). Alternatively, the number 65 travels along Slade Road, both less than 10 minutes’ walk from the park.  The car park is accessed via Park Road, Erdington B23.  

Overall, it was a lovely park, very peaceful, and makes for a lovely and leisurely dog walk.  I will go again!

By Debra Jane who can be contacted on @debracreates  or read more on her website.