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With more screams than 1000 Orcs, I return to recklessly cast an eye on what cinematic goodness awaits us in the real Middle Earth this week.

And it really is a quiet week, and whilst a number of us will return to Hobbit land, there are a couple of other things to see too (even if they're not necessarily new!)

Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, The (3D) (12A)

In the early naughties, Christmases were a bit about going to the next in the Lord of the Rings trilogy - and maybe it's that sense of nostalgia from my 20s that makes me want to revisit that sense of occasion. They were event movies in the truest sense of the word that deserved to fully gorged on, cinematically speaking.

So epicness returns courtesy of the second film in the Hobbit series. Is it pronounced Smog, Smorg, Smoug? Answers on a postcard please. Anyway, I'll be there like every other geeky, anticipation heavy film watcher to marvel at the bigness of it all. This is despite the fact I was a little underwhelmed by the first Hobbit film, even if many of the constituent elements from the LOTR trilogy were there - New Zealand aka Middle Earth, big Howard Shore music,  His Royal Gollumness and a zillion other reasons.

I was though happy with the liberties that Jackson took with the source material (I know many who weren't) to incorporate and repurpose characters from the LOTR trilogy to bring familiarity to the big picture.

I spare the plot synopsis and just wallow in my mood. There is still no one better than Peter Jackson to realise it, and he has cast The Hobbit so well, in particular Martin Freeman who was dynamic as Bilbo in the first film. This is no different and I'm especially looking forward to  Messrs Fry and Cumberbatch in this too.

Here's to seeing an adventure that's worth shouting about this Christmas!

Jeune et Jolie (18) Francois Ozon's Jeune et Jolie (aka Young and Beautiful) finally gets a limited run locally, thanks (as always it seems) to the mac showing from Sunday to Thursday. On the comments page on the mac website, someone has posted "only the French could come up with this sort of plot and make it look plausible". Possibly an element of truth, and this is surprising considering Ozon's track record. Its portrayal of a prostitute is predictable and somewhat old fashioned, and not exactly a portrayal you would expect in 2013.

I expect a lot from Ozon because he's one of France's best directors consistently producing  great work, right up to last year's brilliant film In The House.

Cult Film Friday presents Willow (PG) At The Electric on Friday, bask in that 80s Lucas produced, Ron Howard directed 'sort-of' classic, Willow, effectively a nostalgia trip for many of us in our 30s. Join Warwick Davis in his finest acting hour alongside Messrs Kilmer and Whalley on their adventure. It's gloriously old-fashioned, good versus evil, 80s special effects and one of those brilliant identikit James Horner scores.

The Snowman (U) Finally those of you looking for some horror this week, come watch me cry relentlessly at a free showing of The Snowman at The Mailbox on Sunday lunchtime. It's a film which is a triumph in its ability to move on repeated viewing, from Bowie sentimental beginning through to the glorious portrayal of childhood excitement, the triumphant "Walking in the Air" flying scene and one of the saddest most non-Christmasy endings ever made.

Next week will probably be a properly festive related affair ... and yes, I need to start thinking about my films of the year too!

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That's it from me this week.

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