Shining Light on Crafting in Birmingham

By Rickie Everyone is at it. Crafting, that is! So a couple of weeks ago, I went along to Cow Studio (Creative Open Workshops) in the Jewellery Quarter who teach you to make everything from dresses to bags to jewellery or in my case, a lampshade. Fed up with not finding what I wanted in the shops, I'm learning to make my own!

Cow lampshade Collage

The ever-patient and knowledgeable Francine from CoW  talked us through what we'll be doing and we set about choosing our material to make the shade with (top right). You also have the option to take your own in although it's sheer co-incidence that three of us chose shades of blue/green!

While we're learning and making, all the participants chat and it's a great atmosphere, a world away from my normal  city bustle and actually quite therapeutic. We soon go from a blank sheet of special paper and white rings (middle and bottom right) to what appears in front of you in the larger photo.

It took less than two hours to have something looking like a shade in front of us and we go out into the evening air about half an hour after that with our efforts in our hands, ready to take pride of place in our homes.

So now I know how to make a lampshade I really want to make more. Does anyone need one?

To find out more about all of the CoW Studio take a look at their website. Remember to come back and tell us what you made!

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