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So, with Bond likely to be supplanted at number one for the next weeks, here are the few alternative offerings, a few of which have a Halloween flavour.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (15)

Comedy horror from Paranormal Activity director Christopher London. As the title might suggest, the film has a knowing teen-edged audience at its heart, following the exploits of three Boy Scouts hoarding of the walking dead with an attuned survival instinct.

The images and screenshots hint at something that is knowingly cheesy and as a result it could fall one of two ways. It could be clever or it could be trite and stupid. Sometimes, there's a third way and that's a combination of both those things.

To date, there's been little press reviews.

Shock and Gore presents A Nightmare on Elm Street (18)

With the great horror director Wes Craven having passed away very recently, it seems very appropriate that Shock and Gore's contribution to Halloween this year is a showing of A Nightmare on Elm Street at the Electric. No matter how many years pass by, this still remains one of the archetypal horror films of all time. Unlike most films under the slasher monicker, this is one that is intelligent and as seeing it (under age) for the first time left a real mark on my cinema viewing habits and attitudes towards horror.

Phantom of the Opera (PG)

Winning the cool awards for Halloween this year could be the mac, who not only are putting on a rare screening of the 1925 silent horror  'Phantom of the Opera' but are doing it to a live music score composed by Mark Willetts and performed by the Black Country Guitar Quartet.

Halloween Film & Supper Club - Urban Coffee Company.

Urban Coffee Company are screening the Hammer horror classic ‘Dracula – Prince of Darkness’ starring the late Christopher Lee. The showing is on Thursday 29th October at their JQ emporium, supper will be served from 7pm and the film starts around 8pm. Tickets are £17 and include supper, a drink (wine, beer, or coffee) and popcorn! Bookings - ; 0121 2331599.

That's it from me this week. As always any queries, please drop me a line on twitter @timmy666. Until then, have a great week at the cinema.


Birmingham Trail: The Spooky Trail

Birmingham is a brilliant city. It caters for the most diverse of tastes and softens the stoniest of cynics. There really is something for everyone. Our resident trail finder, Gemma Corden, is here to prove it. Challenge her if you dare.

The Spooky Trail

Ideal for: Goths

Avoid if: Your friends tell you your 'sensitive'

Bring // Youll need: A Proton Pack and Ecto-Goggles

Terrain: Involves graveyard loitering and an overnight stay (...not in the graveyard)

The start: Ghost Walk/s

It's Friday night, what better to do than head to the nearest dead people? Midlands Discovery Tours run a Graveyard Ghost Walk, taking in four different graveyards in one night (if that's what you're into) and includes a trip to the infamous catacombs in the Jewellery Quarter. Yikes. There's also the Birmingham Sinister City Walk, which takes you on an alternative tour through the heart of the Victorian city. Plague! Execution! Yay! The best bit is when you visit a haunted pub at the end. More info: Midlands Discovery Tours

City centre

Graveyard Ghost Walk - 7.00pm first Friday of the month Feb to Dec

Sinister City Ghost Walk - 7.00pm third Friday of the month Jan to Oct

The middle bit: Depending on the time of year you've got three truly terrifying options here, all of which happen annually:

In July you can get that gore-soaked horror itch well and truly scratched when The Electric Cinema's Shock and Gore Festival comes alive. There are horror and fantasy films old and new alongside live scores, Q&As and a legendary all-nighter. Expect controversy and spine tingles. More info: Shock and Gore

You find yourself out and about in the city centre one August weekend. Something isn't quite right. Ah yes, that's it - ZOMBIES! Everywhere!! But don't panic - all this carnage raises money for Birmingham's Children's Hospital (and clearly, what those kiddies are going through is the scariest thing on this list). Fake blood at the ready!

If you're one of those people for whom fancy dress is not a painful experience, and becoming a zombie has merely whet your appetite, then get yourself on the Big Brum Buz in October for their Halloween Ghost Bus Tour. Take in the darker side of Birmingham from the open top roof (make sure to wrap up warm!) of this old bus, driven by a very shady character indeed. Expect an amalgamation of the two walks introduced above, only with less walking... More info: Birmingham Tours

The end: The Tunnel Club

Why not round the adventure off with some frighteningly cheap spirits at this atmospheric rock metal club, housed under a railway arch. Warning: there will be a lot of Metallica t shirts.

Livery Street, City Centre B3 1HL The Tunnel Club Every Saturday night, 10pm-4am

Tips: If you can't get enough of the haunted stuff then you might want to spend a night at The Station Hotel, Dudley. Your classic murdered-servant-girl-shoved-in-a-barrel stories abound. Head to room 214... More info: The Station Hotel

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Words by Gemma Corden – writer, unashamedly banging on about Birmingham. Contact via @gemma_corden or find out more about her here or even more here.


Get Spookily Good Skin This Halloween

Got your lantern carved, but wondering what to do with all that lovely pumpkin flesh?  Our beauty guru, Beth is here with some cheap but effective autumn skincare tips.

Pumpkin flesh has loads of skincare goodies in it: Vitamin A to cleanse and soften; antioxidants Vitamin C and Zinc which can also help boost collagen; AHAs to exfoliate and detoxify; Phosphorous to strengthen cell structure.  So, fight premature ageing, unclog pores and brighten your skin with these home-made body treats!

The Cooking Bit

Remove the seeds and slice your pumpkin into large chunks.  Bake chunks at 200 degrees Celsius (gas mark 6) or steam until soft enough to puree, then cool and blend to a puree.  Use in the following recipes.

Pumpkin Body Scrub

Blend 100g pureed pumpkin with 100g Demerara sugar and 50ml sunflower or grapeseed oil until smooth.

Pumpkin Body Mask

Blend 100g pureed pumpkin, 50g runny honey, 2 beaten egg yolks, 2 tablespoons plain yoghurt  and mix in enough olive oil to make it spreadable but not runny.

Home Spa:

  • Warm your bedroom, lay some towels on the bed, put on relaxing music and light scented candles.
  • Run a warm bath or shower, jump in and dampen your skin.  Apply the body scrub in small circular motions then rinse off.
  • Lightly towel dry leaving skin warm and damp.  Quickly apply the Body Mask.  Wrap yourself in the towels on the bed and wriggle under the duvet to stay warm.
  • Relax for about 10-15 mins.
  • Wash off the mask with warm water.
  •  Lightly apply pumpkin seed oil to your body when dry (sunflower or grapeseed oil will do if you can't get hold of pumpkin seed oil).

PS Remember, these recipes are fresh and need to be stored in the fridge and should not be kept for more than about 2-3 days.

By Beth Davies. Get in contact with via At One Day Spa or @AtOneDaySpa