Mid-week Dinner at Aalto, Hotel la Tour

By Rickie Oh Hotel la Tour! I remember you when you were just a building site waiting to be unleashed from behind the scaffolding and all the staff recruiting had to be done at a nearby faceless room. Hospitality hopefuls came in their droves to be selected for interview, not knowing what Hotel la Tour was going to become or indeed what it was going to look like, four months down the line.

Hotel la Tour dinner Brum FavesYou finally opened in March 2012 and quickly developed a strong local fan-base through your ‘classics with a twist’ (British) and ‘High Tea’ (afternoon tea). That's pretty good for a 4 star hotel whose main clientele is expected to be non-locals.

Every since inviting me to bring some unemployed students (one of my many projects is helping people get into work or business) along to the recruitment day you have worked with me on numerous projects and events and even invented a drink for the man known as my love, as a surprise when we came in to celebrate his birthday last year. (Ask for the Wilson Espresso dear reader; it’s not on the menu so you just have to be in the know, which you now are). HLT, you often invite me in on blogger/foodie/preview days, even though I’d never see myself as a blogger/foodie and can’t write about food for toffee.

Which is why I’ve managed to write these 362 words without mentioning the food once, despite the fact that this is meant to be about the meal I enjoyed when you invited me for a 50% off food deal. But anyway, I had one dish that was new to me - a great burger - and one that I've had before, the lovely pot of Creme Brulee. I bought with me some of the people that help me in championing my beloved local businesses, such as yourselves. So, if you want to know any more, please ask my dining companions @Timmy666 @IanBraisby @SJBTeaching @NotASkinnyMini @LydsBoyce or @Epsebah

Take a look at the changeable menu at Aalto, Hotel la Tour. I recommend everything.

Photos: Burger, Jaffa Cake Pudding and Crème Brule.

By Rickie, cake lover and serial eater (at least every two hours). Not a cook. Contact via @RickieWrites or www.rickiejosen.co.uk