Brush Your Skin Healthy!

The human body is very forgiving. It wants to be well. It wants to feel vibrant, agile and in shape  My job is to counsel people on how best to experience and relish in the reality that is a healthy mind and body. It is not to enable a bad diet and lifestyle and to tell you "everything in moderation!" with a fake smile in my worn-out old Birkenstocks!

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Take 'get bikini ready', for instance. Why not always be bikini ready? Why add to the hassle of holiday packing by going on a starvation diet,  only to pile it back on once you've returned back home?

This is the time of year where the hemlines are shorter and more skin is on show so here are some handy tips to be summer ready every day, hassle-free!

First things first, your skin, as your body's largest organ and prime detoxification route let’s start by perking it up daily by dry skin brushing!

I swear by this. I have done it daily from the age of 21 and the results, I must say, are terrific and absolutely worth the few extra minutes of effort in the morning.

As well as removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling super soft, dry skin brushing tones muscles by stimulating nerve endings, improves your circulation and allows optimum absorption of your body oils and lotions. Ensure that you brush in light swift strokes moving toward the direction of the heart for maximum benefit. Start off lightly and when you're used to the brush, you can press a little bit firmer, especially on the thighs, buttocks and across the stomach.

The best time to body brush is prior to any activity that makes you perspire or just before a bath or shower, as you will want to wash away any dead built up skin cells. Body brushing once a day is sufficient, however, if you are feeling unwell, brush twice daily to help boost immunity.

Also, remember, and this is good advice all year round, to finish your shower with a 30 second cold blast! If you’re a wuss like me, start off by just blasting your feet, then advance up to the whole body. It's so refreshing and I promise you, you will feel great!

You can purchase a dry skin brush from most chemists or popular cosmetic outlets in Birmingham. Make sure it's not too soft, you don't want to feel as though the bristles resemble a dolls hairbrush.

Lorraine Saint John is a Beauty & Nutritional Therapist and director of Bespoke Health Studio.  She can be contacted on  or @bespokehs