Bringing History to Life!

By Deborah Broomfield

The Ladypool Road Trail uniquely takes participants back in time and tells the story of this area through role play bringing history live!

The historical guided tour is performed by The Birmingham History Theatre Company and The Balsall Heath Historical Society.

I was fortunate to be on this tour as a Still Walking volunteer and I’m amused and enthralled by the commitment and knowledge of those acting, especially as this was a particularly warm day!

Travelling through time from the 1800s through to 2005, I met Anthony Pratt, the inventor of Cluedo and Mrs Charley whose husband William Charley built the Brighton hotel in c1900. Motorcycle champion, Howard Davies was born on the Ladypool Road in 1925 and I was entertained with his exploits too! We also were brought back to the First World War and introduced to the landlord of the Clifton Pub in 1914. Coming up to date, the current significance of the Ladypool Road as the Balti Triangle is also recognised.

Anyone interested in local history would love to be on this tour with a difference.  There is a rumour that they may be taking this to the stage. I can’t wait!

More info about The Balsall Heath Historical Society can be found here or on Facebook.

Photos and words by Deborah Broomfield who can be contact via Twitter

Still Walking Autumn Festival

Love going for walks?

The Still Walking Festival’s walks positively encourage you to get out and enjoy what Birmingham has to offer. The guided walks designed for residents but enjoyed equally by visitors offer absorbing sights into the varied character, history and culture of the city.

I’ve had the pleasure of discovering parts of Digbeth that had previously eldued me during last year’s festival, thanks to Ben Waddinton, a local historian who curates this walking festival.

As keen fan Deborah Broomfield testifies, ‘the guides are historians, architects and photographers; enthusiastic specialists who share their knowledge through developing walks in which members of the public can participate.”

Still Walking events have an open approach to what walking can be about and in this digital age it sure is good to get out. Step away from that laptop but only after you have had a look at what’s on offer this weekend.

Birmingham’s festival of walking continues this weekend until Sun 22 September. For more information email or tweet @stillwalkers

With contribution from Deborah B who can be contacted via Twitter.