Steel and Jelly: Contemporary and Traditional Menswear in Grand Central


With their new store just opened in Grand Central, we're keen to find out about the people behind Steel and Jelly.

Who's behind Steel and Jelly?

Established in 2004, the brand name embraces the contrasting industrious (Steel) and benevolent (Jelly) approaches that father and son took when first starting the business. Their 40 years’ experience in the ever evolving fashion industry has led to the formation of the Steel & Jelly brand.

What made you want to open in Grand Central?

“In line with our recent program of expansion, we are very excited to be opening our new flagship store in Birmingham’s Grand Central Station. This major new transport & retail hub in the heart of the region is the perfect location to meet the growing demand for, and increasing interest in the brand. As well as welcoming those local to the region, we’ll be able to reach new customers from all over the country who will be travelling through the new station.”

What would you want a new customer to experience when they enter the store?

With a team of dedicated and skilled retail staff, the store will differentiate itself by offering a personal shopping style experience on the high street.

What makes your menswear business unique?

Our philosophy centres on scrupulous attention to detail. We are passionate about embracing innovative British design by creating a hybrid of the contemporary and the traditional.  Every item is made with the modern-day gentleman in mind by threading the past through to the present with masculine shapes and styles.

What inspires the designs?

We are very much inspired by British design & scrupulous attention to detail. Our collection features all the essentials in a modern-day gentleman’s wardrobe from formal tailoring to soft casuals and premium accessories to finish the look. Each piece carries an element of surprise from a patterned trim inside a collar, to a contrasting button thread reflecting our ethos “Because detail matters.”

What are you working on for your next collection?

Top secret! We are however continuously expanding our product range…

By Rickie J, founder of Birmingham Favourites and a woman who doesn't think eight (very full) wardrobes is excessive.

@BrumFaves @RickieWrites


Birmingham menswear brand opening in Grand Central

Birmingham Favourites is thrilled to learn local menswear brand Steel and Jelly is opening it's first store in the city's new Grand Central Shopping Centre. Established in 2004, Steel and Jelly's philosophy is about embracing innovative British design by creating a hybrid of  the contemporary and the traditional. They will be  is opening in the £150m new centre above the fully refurbished New Street station.

Opening: Thursday 24th September 2015.

Contact Steel and Jelly:  @Twitter Facebook or Instagram or find out more


Beauty: Top 5 Tips To... Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

The first thing people notice are our eyes. The eyes are the main focus in conversation, are what make us individual, and what allows us to see the world with. I often like to accentuate my eyes to make them look wider. Wide eyes make the eyes look more open and enhance your face.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to Achieve a wide-eye-look!

1. Curl the lashes. This may be an obvious one, but by using both eye lash curlers and a great mascara (I recommend Avons Mega Affects Mascara) will help widen the eyes, as sometimes are eyes are hidden by our eyelashes. Lashes with volume and curl really help to open the eyes.

2. Use Colour. Using colour in your eye make - up can really make your eyes pop.  The best result are when using colours which compliment your eye colour. Using colour in the eye lids doesn't have to be scary - try using a coloured mascara or eyeliner if you aren't quite brave enough for a bright eye shadow - yet!

3. Neat Brows. Keeping the eyebrows neat, full and maintained really helps to achieve wide looking eyes. By showing the arch in the brow, it gives the impression of more space, which gives the illusion of bigger eyes. 

4. Highlight. By highlighting the inner corners of your eyes and brow bones, this will help to make the eyes appear larger and wider. When highlighting areas around the eyes, it will give the illusion of more open eyes. Dark circles under the eyes can make the eyes look small and dull; using a highlighting concealer under the eyes will help to avoid large those dark circles. 

5. Smudge Eyeliner. A lot of people feel that eyeliner makes the eyes look smaller. try smudging the eyeliner instead of applying a straight line, as this isn't as harsh. 

There we have it, my five top tips for wider eyes! 

By Zoe Cole who can be contacted on @x_zoelianne_x Read more on Zoe's blog.

Get the look: Calamity Jane

[gallery type="slideshow" ids="2093,1785,2103,2113"]

With the Calamity Jane party coming up as the next Birmingham Favourites event, our style columnist lassoes together some looks!

Stetson Hat

More commonly known as a cowboy hat, this is the easiest accessory to make an outfit for this event. Cliché, I know but you can’t go and watch a Western without it! Men and women don your cowboy hat and you’ll instantly feel transported back to the Wild Wild West.  Maybe accessorise and update it with some ribbon and rhinestones and you’re good to go!


It’s a cowboy classic and more importantly there’s a very high chance that you own, or have owned, an item in this iconic pattern so is a really inexpensive way to look the part. Men, wear your plaid shirt tucked into jeans with a rhinestone belt. Women, a plaid shirt tied at the waist and worn with a denim skirt will look super cute.

White shirt

Alternatively, if you’re not feeling the plaid, both Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickok both look very smart wearing the white shirt with a black necktie. For the men this can be teamed with a waistcoat and for the ladies a high-waisted floor length skirt synched in at the waist with a belt. Women, you can also accessorise your shirt with a vintage broach or necklace.

Cowboy Boots

Along with the Stetson, these are a fundamental element in order to pull off the Western look. Fortunately, a few years back they did make it into the high street so they may be still available. In any colour, any style cowboy boots will have you itching to grab hold of a lasso and find yourself a horse! (Probably ill-advised inside the Crescent Theatre – The Ed)

These essentials give you the freedom to either present a cowboy in action with the plaid and denim combination or the smarter look of the white shirt.

Now onto the hair & makeup…

For ladies, hair in Western films was often feminine, flirty yet tidy. Tight curls can be achieved in a number of ways: curling with straighteners, curlers or thin rollers will leave you with tight ringlets which you can then either pin back or leave loose.

Make-up can be kept quite simple and minimal if you are channelling Doris Day’s character as she was quite the tomboy. However a bright red lip is always effective if you want to portray the more glamorous Katie Brown.  

Whatever you choose, make sure to pair it with good line-dancing action and a hearty “Yee-hah” and you will have a wonderful evening stepping back into the Wild Wild West!

By Tiffany Ratcliffe who can be contacted via @TiffanyInHeels

Photos courtesy of Debbie from Missfit Creations.

Debbie specialises in Pop Fashion,  dressing bands, entertainers and pop wannabes in a variety of designer vintage and custom-made design.  The clothing range is inspired by music and created for individuals. Find out more about the items featured here or other possibilities for the Calamity Jane night by tweeting @MissFitCreation or visiting the website.

[box border="full"] Tickets are available for the Calamity Jane party are from £12.50 and include film l pre-film party l drink l foot l & a few surprises! Book yours here!  [/box]

Style: Two key ways to update your wardrobe

Now that it’s January you may be thinking that it’s time to pack away last year’s trends especially those winter woollies. However, whilst the Christmas jumpers definitely need to be put away for another year, many of your winter styles can easily be brought into the New Year; they just need a bit of an update.

Monochrome was a huge trend in 2013 and is also a timeless classic when it comes to looking stylish. Now that spring is looming we are starting to see a lot of colour pop up in the shops and in magazines but this doesn’t mean that the monochrome must go. Oh no, it is the perfect opportunity to update your style.

A black and white skirt can be easily updated with a bright colourful top. Good combinations to monochrome are pink (of any shade) and lime green. Two colours that are prominently appearing on the clothes racks this Spring.


Accessories are also a fantastic way to update an outfit. Whilst the weather still requires a winter jumper they can be instantly updated with a statement necklace. Big, bold necklaces are a must have this season and can make the perfect day-to-night look. You can get the same result with a statement broach; it is best to find these in charity shops and vintage stores.

An alternative to a necklace is to accessorize with bangles. An armful of bangles is also a cheap and chic way to update any outfits. For maximum effect make sure that they are chunky and oversized.  

Alternatively, outfits can also be updated with a colourful handbag. Primary colours are big this year with regards to accessories and a strawberry red bag would brighten up any outfit!

So whilst the weather may be grey, you can brighten up your day and outfit with a pop of colour and bright accessories!

Any other thoughts on updating your wardrobe? Do add them below!

By Tiffany Ratcliffe who can be contacted via @TiffanyInHeels

Necklace part of a vintage selection available from Gingermegs Vintage @GingerMegsVinta

Any Colour As Long As It's Black


Six colours to wear instead of black this winter.

If you love wearing the all-flattering darker colour, try these instead of the uniform black:


Instant class.

Wear with the paler pinks or even dashes of red. Plus navy velvet is stunning for the evening.


Another colour that sits well with pink or the seasons reds and as we all know now, there are different shades of grey; pick one or two that suit you.


Perfect for the autumn and beyond, especially lovely in suede.  Although keep apart from black all together if you choose this as your staple dark colour; team up with creams, tans and naturals instead.


Creates instant glamour and you can still have all your black accessories with this one.


Similarly with any seasonal red but the darker reds are on trend (apparently) if you’re into that kind of stuff. Wine or burgundy colours are all fantastic for the winter and a little warmer (to the eye) than black.


Another one used to great effect for gorgeous velvet evening dresses and especially good for the red-heads amongst you.

Of course, if you do have lots of perfectly wearable black in your wardrobe already, how do you feel about layering some colour to it by way of coats and accessories?

Do you have any other favourite colours for this time of year?

Send us your photos of you wearing your alternatives to black to or @BrumFaves and we’ll showcase the best ones!