Workshops for groups or individual career-changers

Whether you know a group of long-term unemployed people keen to find employment or an individual looking for the next move, there are a number of ways to help:

Building your brand

When employers look at who to shortlist for interview, they typically do an online search on their potential candidates. 

We'll work with you to ensure your social media and online presence makes you utterly employable.


  • building social media presence
  • blogging
  • using LinkedIn
  • building a network
  • which employers you really want to work with
  • finding unadvertised jobs

Finding (unadvertised) jobs

It is said that up to 75% of jobs are unadvertised so we'll show you how to uncover them. 

Other than job searches and traditional places to look, you will learn where to find jobs that don't appear here


  • the best ways to approach potential employers
  • building networks
  • utilising social media and online presence
  • gaining the experince you need
  • portfolio careers/being self employed


The final part of getting the job, we'll give you the tips to walk into the interview prepared and confident.

The best thing about interviews is that you are the expert in the room; no-one knows you like you know yourself. 


  • taking control of the conversation
  • hiding the FEAR
  • ensuring you get your points across
  • presentation skills
  • the questions to have ready
  • what to research
  • practice practice practice!
  • tips on how to be remembered

A winning CV to open doors

A good CV is personal to you and designed to gain the attention of potential employers.

We'll help you create a winning 1-2 page CV that shows-off your personality and promotes your capability. Once you're happy with it, we'll show you how to adapt it for each job you apply for so it can work for you over and over.


  • create a winning 1-2 page CV
  • highlight your capability
  • ensure your personality shines through
  • how to adapt the CV for each job you apply for
  • explaining employment gaps
  • what to include



Covering emails

Your email (or covering letter) is the difference between your CV being opened or discarded to the 'no thanks' list.

We'll help you create a short template for you to simply tweak every time you are asked for a 'covering letter'. 


  • the 5-point system that works every time
  • what makes an employer open your CV
  • the required formalities
  • dos and don'ts
  • having a professional email address


Career Change

If you're at a crossroads in your career we'll help you walk through the necessary steps through our CHANGE concept.