Learning sessions that help people to think more creatively, adopt new ways of working and develop a new mindset.

Digital skills update to ensure people are productive and stress-free.

Action Learning brings out the best in a group of like-minded people. It works by asking challenging or probing questions which lead to solutions to problems:

  • For organisations, it helps to find common objectives.
  • For small businesses it helps to form immediate and effective plans to solve current issues. 

Schools and colleges

Facilitation of events that encourage and inspire young people to think about their future.

Careers sessions topics include:

  • Uncovering unadvertised  jobs
  • Money management
  • How can I sell my skills?
  • What work skills do these subjects give me? 
  • Plus CVs, interviews, self-branding workshops

Finance sessions topics include:

  • The importance of saving to achieve girls
  • An introduction to banking
  • How to be a savvy consumer
  • Understanding financial products
  • Student finance
  • How to maintain a good credit rating


  • Organise events where students think more creatively, learn to present their ideas and then confidently enter the employment market.
  • Facilitate careers sessions on uncovering the unadvertised jobs, networking, building a professional brand and the importance of a mentor.
Rickie is incredibly optimistic and lifts my spirits about the things that I’m progressing with - making anything seem possible!
— Sophie Holt - All The Good Things
Great working with Rickie. She challenges you and makes you really work things out for yourself, all done in a very supportive way.
I have definitely gained from working with Rickie as I’m much more attentive to what I ask and why and then HOW. Def noticing the difference in terms of how more impactful I can be!!!
— Linda O'Sullivan, social entrepreneur