You know how vital marketing is to ensure your business gets off the ground and grows, but you need time and know-how. If you lack in one or the other, we’ll be your remote digital marketing manager.

As and when you're ready, we'll show you how to do it step-by-step so you can manage it all in-house in good time.

Thank you for enlightening me in the ways of social media. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.
— Dwight Hove, Community Cycles Leicester

Marketing Packages

Contact us for help with promotions and product/business launches. All marketing packages paid in advance.  Any questions? Drop us an email, we're happy to help!

Website Creation

  • Build a website on Squarespace - the easy platform for non-technical people to use

  • Set up the basic 5 main pages

  • Create the look and feel using your images, content, colours & logo

  • Include testimonials, contacts, social media, subscription forms as required

  • Show you how it's done so you can add more content and be at the end of the phone/email to guide you for a month after completion

  • 20% of your Squarespace hosting

  • 6 month trial period before you take it live

Allow from £390

Just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the difference your advice has made to my business in the past few weeks. Since I learned how to use Twitter properly and I’ve done a couple of #covhour sessions, I’ve seen my ‘followers’ double in number. There is a steady trickle of enquiries most days now and I’m hopeful that this business will swim before too long.
— Graham Senior, Coventry
I can see now that marketing is not scary and aggressive, it is about getting the word out, giving good service, helping others and being a nice person!

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