What will happen to the people you want to help if you don't start your enterprise?

Working with Social Enterprises

Becoming self employed

  • start up & running costs
  • legal structures
  • budgeting & expenses
  • getting paid & paying staff
  • revenue and profit
  • tax & VAT

Promoting your business

  • branding, website, domains,
  • social media, newsletters, blogging
  • building networks
  • press & publicity
  • sales & the AIDCA technique
  • who are the customers & how to find them
  • who is the competition

Social Impact

  • measuring impact
  • hiring volunteers & staff
  • bidding for large contracts
  • funding
  • recruiting a board

Case Study


Situation - client is setting up counselling service but finding it difficult to charge clients.



  • Researched competition to see what is charged privately
  • Looked at value of support given and priced accordingly
  • Market to local people using networks
  • Build a website to showcase expertise
  • Utilise social media to encourage recommendations
  • Have a budget option for half day per week for those who need it

Result - client had to rent out larger premises in more prominent place


Rickie is incredibly optimistic and lifts my spirits about the things that I’m progressing with - making anything seem possible!
— Sophie Holt - All The Good Things
Great working with Rickie. She challenges you and makes you really work things out for yourself, all done in a very supportive way.
I have definitely gained from working with Rickie as I’m much more attentive to what I ask and why and then HOW. Definately noticing the difference in terms of how more impactful I can be!!
— Linda O'Sullivan, social entrepreneur