There is a learning through having fun ethos with lots of practical exercises that enable people to learn from one another too. Breaks come by way of coffee, comfort or exercises at least every 90 minutes.

Each session will be bespoke although here are some of the most requested topics:

  • Social Media strategy

  • Get the sales advantage (Using AIDCA technique)

  • Building your network (online)

  • Managing the inbox

  • Action Learning (find out more here)

  • Get Ahead with better presentations (no death by PowerPoint!)

  • The 5 steps to achievable goal setting

  • The 5-3-1 productivity method

  • Preparing for self employment

  • Into Work workshops and programmes

Each session is written especially for you only after a full briefing on the objectives. It is shaped to fit with your industry, the audience and available time. 

Training is fuelled by coffee, tea and biscuits!

There is snapshot of some of the most requested courses here and prices here.

This programme with direct support and workshops is a significant stepping stone in channeling a vision of ideas bringing and putting them into motion with like minded people and a positive mentor like Rickie.
— Almas Maan